What You'll Love


Keep Users on your Site

The FlexShopper payment method will open in a convenient, self-contained modal so users are not directed away from your site.


Easy API Integration

Integration on your eCommerce site is quick and easy with robust API documentation and dedicated developer support for merchants.

eCommerce Platforms

Easy integration for eCommerce platforms. Support for Magento 2 with more on the way.

How it Works

Designed for convenience, ease of use, and security.


Your customers can lease with these quick and easy steps:
  1. Create a FlexShopper account with basic contact information.
  2. Provide income and banking information.
  3. Verify identity to receive decision and spending limit.
  4. Lease agreement with clear payment terms.
  5. Accept and digitally sign lease agreement to complete purchase.
Additional Benefits:
  • After receiving their spending limit, customers can exit the modal, add more products to their cart, and sign back in at checkout to complete their purchase. Increased order value for you!
  • Customers can link their bank account using their online banking sign in through Plaid, increasing approval odds and speed.

Save and Increase Sales. Let us Tell You How.

Interested in expanding your customer base and saving sales? Fill out our contact form and a dedicated retail partner specialist will get in touch to see how FlexShopper can benefit you.